Who Are Craig & Hans?

Friends from youth, Craig and Hans, though on different life trajectories, have worked in different facets of the hospitality industry. Their two paths intersected again at a German event in the Lake Country area and they have been the best of friends since. Whether they are formulating business strategy or commiserating over lost opportunities and youth, the two work well together and create a plethora of personality. It is this energy that now drives this and other events they are working on.

Duo of Dummkopf

What drives an event? The answer is shared passion.

Hans Weissgerber III

Keeper of the Keg

Born in Oconomowoc to a family whose reputation is the gold standard for German fare, Hans worked in the family business through his youth and began making his own way with restaurants and German themed businesses. His industry knowledge and understanding of Milwaukee help make Hans the perfect partner for Oktoberfest 2018.

Craig Pruscha

Doctor of Diversity

Born in Milwaukee but raised in the Lake Country area, Craig spent much of his adult life living across the country. The consummate showman and a living juxtaposition, Craig has owned several businesses, restaurants and bars while running a parallel life doing stand up comedy having studied at Second City in Chicago. It is this diversity, his love for the city of Milwaukee and its heritage that helps drive the Oktoberfest machine.

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