There will be questions. We love them. If they are good, they may get posted here. If they are less stellar we may answer them in German.

Why 2018 and not 2017?

Milwaukee is often referred to as "the beer capital of the world." It does not seem fitting to do a poor job. Hans & Craig only do things well. There are entirely too many Oktoberfest type events in Wisconsin, but this deserves to be done big. What we will bring to Milwaukee will leave its mark and become a mid-western tradition.

How can I participate?

Whether you are looking to volunteer, sponsor a portion of the event or just partake in the revelry, it all starts with an email. We want to hear from you!

Hans & Craig.....what the heck is that all about?

Where do we start? They are seasoned showman with business experience, but they love their buffoonery. Their commercials and marketing efforts have always been driven with the intent to impact market while having fun throughout. Come drink a pint with them and it will all become clearer.